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George Dyer is an amazing talent and has thrilled audiences around the world. He performs a wonderful mix of opera, popular love songs, Gospel and Broadway songs, along with his beautiful daughter, Kendra, and his wife, Clarisse. Starting his third season in Branson, Missouri, the show is located in the Dutton Family Theatre on the west end of the 76-strip.

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Overall Rating 55555

I thought that this show was worth every penny spent. I had a great time here and I know that my family did as well. He puts on a great performance from the music to the actually vocals. His daughter is unbelievable she is going to a make a lot of money while she is in town…I thought her voice was amazing. I loved the gospel music and the opera.

Overall Rating 55555

I had the distinct opportunity to attend George Dyer’s show today and was absolutely enthralled with the voice, the type and style of music and the total entertainer exhibited by this talented man. Being a musician myself, I tend to be a bit critical of some of the entertainment I’ve seen in Branson, however I was very pleasantly surprised at the talent, professionalism and overall substance of the show. I plan on returning again at a later date and I am sure I will enjoy it equally as much. Along with George, his wife was equally talented in her venue with her husband as well as was their daughter who both added to the wonderful show I had the honor of attending. God Bless you all and further success in your future shows.

Overall Rating 55555

My husband took me to see this wonderful show and I just loved everything about it. The family is beautiful and they all have fantastic voices. Mr. Dyer sang Nesum Durma and I know Pavarotti was very proud of his beautiful voice as he listened from heaven. I can not wait to see the show again. God Bless celeste

Overall Rating 55555

The George Dyer show is fantastic, outstanding, any word you can use for the best!!! I had no idea about him until today when a friend recommended we go to the show. He needs a lot more publicity, because not nearly enough people are seeing him. If you like a real good, high caliber, top quality singer, do not miss George Dyer!!!

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