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Cat’s Pajamas is a vocal band group who sing a cappella and use their vocals to create the sounds of a band.  They WOW audiences with their showmanship, charm, and vocal artistry.  You’ll hear famous hits from many different decades.  The show is located in the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre on the 76-strip in Branson, Missouri.

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If you are looking for something new in Branson then look no further because this is the group to see! They sing a little bit of everything but they sing it without any instruments which is the best part! They can do a whole song with just the beat and sounds that they make with their mouths…it’s a show you have to see to believe….very talented group of guys!!

Overall Rating 55555

This show is so much fun! Very high energy and the sound is amazing! My favorite part is the air guitar solos which happen in a couple songs… but all the “air” instruments are amazing! This is the best a cappella show I have ever seen! The harmonies are breathtaking and the guys aren’t bad looking either!

Overall Rating 55555

This is the best show in Branson!! Very talented! My entire family loved this show from the kids (ages 8, 10) to my parents (seniors)as well as my husband and I! We laughed, we sang, we danced!! Do not miss this show!!

Overall Rating 22222

I can’t give this show a good review like all of the other reviews but I felt a little differently about it. I thought it had some good parts but all in all I thought it was a little over priced and I felt like these guys should be performing on the street corner not in a theater…they are talented just not for Branson.

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